Why Hire SYLVIS?

Clients hire and retain SYLVIS because we have a unique combination of knowledge, ability and experience specific to residuals management.

Residuals are our sole focus

  • Unlike large multidisciplinary firms we focus solely on residuals and beneficial residuals management.  Successful projects and programs are extremely important to us – it is our sole focus.
  • If you are a residuals generator, regulator or customer SYLVIS is your firm of choice.  We are residuals experts.

We are the only firm that provides a combination of consulting and operational residuals management

  • We provide any or all of the critical steps to achieve successful beneficial residuals management including turn-key services.
  • We understand the financial, regulatory, logistical, perception and environmental considerations for a successful project or program.
  • Our residuals management projects and programs are flexible and scalable to meet the needs of our clients.

We have unsurpassed knowledge and experience in residuals management

  • We have been in business serving our clients for over 30 years.
  • We are the only firm to have authored provincial and Canada-wide regulations, national standards, guidance documents and best management practices to enable beneficial residuals management.  Our intimate understanding of regulatory frameworks ensures regulatory compliance concurrent with environmental stewardship.
  • We have long-term residuals management programs that span decades.

Our clients' interests come first

  • We are extremely attentive and responsive to our clients' needs and requests.
  • We stand with our clients.  Their challenges are our challenges.  We provide solutions.
  • Our proven management system ensures clear meaningful communication with our clients and stakeholders.

We are proactive and forward thinking

  • We plan for and include resiliency, contingency, redundancy and diversity within our residuals management solutions.
  • We are innovative and inventive.  We anticipate, think and plan for change with our clients.

SYLVIS is fun

  • We have an incredible passion for what we do and have fun doing it.
  • SYLVIS a great place to work, and to work with.

SYLVIS is the firm of choice for all aspects of beneficial residuals management.  Please Contact Us if you have any questions or would like further information on the services SYLVIS provides.  We look forward to working with you.